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About studio EKRU

EKRU is a fiber art studio based in the inspiring city of Amsterdam. We aim to highlight textile work through a diversity of techniques such as macramé, weaving, tying and knitting.


We revive the senses using different styles, textures, colors and material. We create a whole story from a simple rope by designing unique items made of natural fiber.


Our handmade objects and accessories embellish your home, making it even more ‘gezellig’ (cozy), and brighten the identity of your brand.


We want to come back to basics.

Studio EKRU is a multidisciplinary studio and operates in different phases of the production process.

We work together, to create custom-made items; we share knowledge, through our macramé workshops; and we inspire you, with finished products available in our e-shop.

We want to come back to basics. Macramé has a long history that takes us back from the 3rd-century China to the 1970s. Sailors used to pass on their knowledge on knots to peers.


It has always been a matter of working together, sharing and inspiring; and that is precisely what we aim to do at EKRU.

Meet Lucile

"Bonjour! My name is Lucile and I am based in Amsterdam. When it comes to life in general and to fiber art in particular, I consider myself as self-educated and never afraid of new beginnings: that’s how I fell in love with the Dutch capital.

Moving to Amsterdam made me explore my creativity as never before - even though I had been interested in fiber art for a long time.


I grew up in a creative family. I started weaving back when I was living in Paris, and discovered the art of macramé three years ago, in Amsterdam. I didn’t have any loom here, so macramé came in handy, requiring no extra material - just rope and natural fiber.


As time went by, I noticed a growing demand and enthusiasm for my creations. This is why I decided to take myself to the next level by founding studio EKRU."

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My inspiration

I’m inspired by what my eyes capture - shapes, colors, architectural sites, museums or the city I live in. 


Being around and working with creative minds also provides fuel for ideas and inspiration. 


Nature, also: there is something of holidays in the countryside and wheat fields - even just the shape of wheat ears - in the items that I make.

My creative process

I start with drawing my ideas and future designs - even though it is a process that is often progressively altered, depending on the actual material that I am using and my inspiration of the moment.

Fiber art is an experience and a constant experiment; I can spend hours on a project, mixing different textures - and then decide to untie it all. I work on one design at a time, but still searching for more inspiration next to it.

Experimenting and continuously learning; that’s really the perks of working with macramé and fiber in general.

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