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Custom Pieces & Installations

Every brand, every home and every special day is truly unique.

At studio EKRU, we know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and that is why we want to work on the project of your dreams.


We offer professionals and private clients a tailor-made service, and work together with you to understand your needs and wishes, and design handmade, exclusive products.

We offer professionals, private clients and customers planning a wedding

custom-made service to meet their specific needs.



Unique items to enhance the identity of your hotel, restaurant or concept-store.


Private clients

Custom-made designs for a comfy and personalized home interior.



Add a boho-style vibe to your special day with items of raw, natural beauty.


Unlimited possibilities

Fiber art offers almost unlimited possibilities. Based on your requests and values, we create personalized and unique custom pieces and installations, made of natural fiber. Colors, material, size, style… you name it!


Whether you are an interior designer willing to add a special something to your client’s home, a hotel or restaurant owner, or a private customer planning your big day...

We offer a qualitative, one-to-one collaboration to fit your identity and meet your needs.

Discover our products. Items to light up your home and heart.

Discover our e-shop...

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