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Private clients


Custom-made designs for a comfy and personalized home interior.

We collaborate with interior designers, stylists, architects or private clients to light up a room and add a signature to the decoration of a house. We create handmade products using different techniques of fiber art, and different elements such as material and textures.

We ensure a 4-steps custom-made experience. We can come and visit directly at your chosen location to analyze and define your needs; we offer a first draft; we choose (together) the most suitable materials and textiles; and finally, we provide a detailed quote.

The ‘don’t-worry-be-happy’ service

We also offer a ‘don’t-worry-be-happy’ service, by taking care of everything.


For example, we select and buy the plants, choose the perfect terra-cotta pots, and deliver and install everything directly at your office or address.

Contact us for more information or to get an individual quote.

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