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©2019 studio EKRU | All rights reserved | photo credits Victoire Eouzan & Lucile Cabout

Fiber art is a craft that deserves to be shared. During these workshops, Lucile will guide you through the process of working with macramé, to make a do-it-yourself, unique item! Treat yourself (or a friend), take the time, and enjoy the fact that you can quickly visualize the results of your work.


More benefits: no mistakes possible (you can always start over during the process), and great for reflexes and memory!

Workshop plant hanger

Give your plant a hammock and make your interior even more cozier!


Join this 2-hours macramé workshop and create your very own plant hanger. This workshop is perfect to learn the basics of macramé - especially if you wish to notice quick results and come home with a unique work of art!

Workshop wall hanging

It’s time for your wall to suit up and make all other walls jealous!


This is a complete project-based training: 4 workshops of 2 hours each, during which you will learn how to make a beautiful macramé wall hanging. You will gradually acquire new skills and learn about more techniques.

Pssst… want to gather your friends for a private workshop (min. 7 people)?

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"A true creative moment! This workshop helped me not only to learn about the techniques - but also enjoy watching how an item - which shape I chose myself -, could  change into my hands. Lucile adjusted to my pace and made me want to know more about this craftsmanship!"

- Julia

"Not only did I learn about macramé, but I loved that Lucile encouraged us to follow our creativity, in order to make our own unique item to bring back home. I reconnected with this child's joy of:"Look what I've just made!". Lucile is patient, calm, enthusiastic and a valorizing pedagogue. The whole class was a relaxing, creative and focused moment." 

- Marie-Claire

"The workshop was really funny, instructive and intimate! Each of us got our own pre-cut rope pieces with some wooden beads and Lucile took us through the process of making a plant hanger step-by-step. She was the perfect guide; friendly and clear, open to questions and full of great tips. I never did Macramé before and I learned a lot in just two and a half hours! By the end, we were all impressed by our own creations."

- Clotilde

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